December 4, 2020

Bring In The Tents!

Hello all! I hope you are enjoying this holiday season. I get to go home in two weeks for Christmas and I am ecstatic! 

In other news, the school has been able to meet outside in person a couple of times. I have enjoyed it so much. Being able to worship in a community setting and see my class mates face to face has been nice. The school made the announcement that we are getting big event tents! That way we will be able to meet rain or shine. Although the weather is consistently 65 and sunny right now. It will be fun to do some things for school in person again. Obviously we are still wearing masks and social distancing. 

Some have even harkened this time back to the ye old days of tent revivals. At this point, I’ll take Jesus however I can get Him. In my room, a tent, a canyon, a mountain. All are viable options. I am having so much fun doing school and building relationships. We continue to push into Jesus, and seeing every moment as an invitation to intimacy with Him. It’s almost a new year my friends. Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter.

From me to you,

-Emily Jacobsen 


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