November 21, 2020


Mud. I felt is squish through my socks as I dragged my foot through the gravel. Wednesday night was raw in the best way possible. I was under a tent in the dark, worshipping Jesus in the mud. I love mud. It gets everywhere, even all over my dress as the hem dragged behind me. I danced in the mud and gravel with all my might, as praise was roared around me. I have never been happier to throw a pair of torn socks away. A stage. Saturday morning, I walked into Bethel’s sanctuary to dance for the first time. A five year dream was fulfilled that day. As the…

October 17, 2020

Dancing Through The Cosmo

California is a whimsical place. The air here smells sweet and earthy, just like herbs left out to dry. It is my mission this year to figure out which local plant gives off that fragrance. The air is so dry. On hot days it feels like the warm burst of air when you open a hot dryer, on cooler days   It feels like a dry house in winter. Everything rattles in the breeze because all the plants have gone through summer with minimal water. It might be fall, but the trees are only losing leaves to the dry heat.  But I love it, especially the coolness of the night….

June 17, 2020

Rise Up Gen Z

Jesus is my home, but He is also my wilderness. What if I told you that Jesus craves adventure even more than we do? Well, its true. God is the Lord of all, even the unknown. The unknown parts of the world, and the unknown parts of me. As I discover Him, I discover myself. It’s this constant tension that lives in the very deep parts of my being. Wanting to know the world around me to understand myself. And God fulfills that within me.  I’m not just talking about a religion here but a real person. Jesus has a fathomless depth that could be searched for eons and never…

May 22, 2020

To Forget Is To Perish

Why do I forget so easily? My Brain seems as uneasy as shifting sands in a windstorm. PEACE! Part the clouds. There are the stars and the stillness again. Then I forget in complacency what I first remembered. Why do I forget? PEACE! Hold on to the thread, a constant comfort. A guide wire to the path. PEACE! Don’t forget, if you are in constant living of the peace, it can’t escape. The unending presence wont allow forgetfulness. Why do I forget? Because I do not abide. In complacency I stray across the sands of my own mind. Go back, don’t lose the thread. Peace and abide. ————————————————————— I wrote…