July 31, 2020

Expectation VS Anticipation

I am really trying to learn how to anticipate the move of God, while not expecting it to look a certain way. Let’s be honest, life is a whole mess of unpredictable outcomes. I really want to grasp that God will move, but it won’t always look the way I understand or want it too.

So many times in my life I have had expectations that have fallen flat to the ground. It always leaves me devastated. So I have been dialoging with God on ways to have faith, without filling in the blanks with my own plan. And that is when He introduced me to the concept of expectation vs anticipation. It is really about shifting perspective.

To give an example, right now I am having to believe for finances and support for this next journey. So this is how God shifts my perspective:

Expectation: I expect God to provide in this one specific way and I will be disappointed if He doesn’t meet that expectation.

Anticipation: I anticipate that God will provide for my every need 100% of the time through various ways.

Do you see the difference? God gives me dreams and I have to work really hard to not fill in the blanks with my own perspective. This is something I wrote in my journal a few months back:

“Expectation is micro while vision is macro. Often, we are called to look at the bigger macro vision, but get caught up in the micro expectations of how it will happen. It can be a crucial mistake to fill in God’s blanks with our own expectations.”

I’m really excited to be stepping into anticipating God instead of my own expectations of what it should look like. It really takes the pressure off. I am going to try really hard to not fill in every blank I see with rationalism and my way of doing things. In case you don’t know, I suck at that. At least there is room to grow.

From me to you,

-Emily Jacobsen


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