September 27, 2021

Hosting The Presence

Hello All! I’m here with another book report. This one was done on Hosting The Presence by Bill Johnson. It is a book I highly recommend if you are wanting to grow in presence mindset, or even if you want to know Holy Spirit better. Here is a link to the book:

Hosting the Presence is a book written about exactly that. In our everyday life, how do we host the presence of God well? This book is meant to unveil the eyes of the believer, to see the glory of walking in tandem with Holy Spirit every step of the way. We as believers have Holy Spirit in our lives. Hosting the presence takes us deeper into this revelation, as we learn to recognize and respond to the Spirit in every situation.

Bill Johnson begins the book by discussing the person of the Holy Spirit and our relation to Him. He details the relationship between those who work in miracles and the Holy Spirit. There is a direct link between these persons and the anointing of the Spirit. 

Bill goes on to discuss the emphasis on relationship with Holy Spirit. We were created as sons and daughters, who trust in Holy Spirit and walk in our inheritance. Trust moves us into the next section of the book as we begin to read about our role in this relationship. It is about living in the reality of power and surrender to the Holy Spirit. 

Next we read about those who were empowered by the Holy Spirit, and the mighty works they accomplished in partnership with Him. I love how Bill writes in this section about Holy Spirit being an enhancer of who we are, and not someone who overrides our personality and uniqueness. Following that, the book shares about Holy Spirit giving us an eternal perspective. Through the anointing of Holy Spirit we see life in a way that can shape and change history. 

Next there is an overview on the way to live life submitted to Holy Spirit, and how to recognize what He is doing. It is through this way of living that the kingdom is victorious, and revival is brought to every area of our lives. Bill finishes with practicalities and encounters. We need the practical pieces of recognizing what Holy Spirit is resting on, while also being shaped by our personal encounters with Him.

This book was written to give us an understanding of who the Holy Spirit really is. He isn’t some vague spirit, but a person we were made to commune with. Once we are in right relationship, we become a fantastic duo with the Spirit of God to bring change that affects ourselves all the way to nations. The Christian walk isn’t worth journeying without the deep revelation of our friendship and need to submit to Holy Spirit. 

I have always been close to Holy Spirit. Friendship with Him is something I care for deeply. I was greatly impacted by this book in the way it speaks about the Spirit’s character, and our need to pursue the more of Him. I love that there are no limitations when it comes to discovering the deep mysteries of Holy Spirit and His presence. 

One of the biggest things that brought revelation while reading Hosting the Presence, was the emphasis on Holy Spirit portrayed as a dove. The Spirit descended on Jesus as a dove (See Matthew 3:16). In the same way Holy Spirit not only fills us, but rests on us. Bill describes one of the main ways to become acquainted with what Holy Spirit is doing, is to see who He is resting upon. 

I believe that many times in the church (whether consciously or unconsciously), we are taught that Holy Spirit is a feeling. While He does manifest that way often, sometimes it is the absence of feeling that spurs us on to see where Holy Spirit is resting. Bill also referenced the Bible story of the woman with the issue of blood (See Luke 8:43-48). He wrote about the high sensitivity to the Spirit that Jesus had to have to be able to recognize the power going out of Him. It isn’t just the feeling of presence but the outflow that we should be able to experience.

This idea was revolutionary for me. I spent a lot of my childhood/teen years trying to gain a greater awareness of His presence within me, when the focus really should be on the outflow of the Holy Spirit. What if we based our relationship with Holy Spirit not on how much we feel Him, but on being able to recognize His power going out of us and resting on another? It truly goes back to the idea that it is better to give than receive. 

I think this concept has changed my thinking greatly. I desire to see where Holy Spirit is resting and go after Him. I want to be so steeped in His presence that there is an overflow that affects those around me. Hosting the presence isn’t about the greedy accumulation of encounter after encounter. Even though encounters are important, it is about the deep knowing of Holy Spirit through relationship. It is about building an awareness that makes us sensitive to the slightest touch or change that Holy Spirit brings about in any given moment. It is about seeing Holy Spirit transform and shape every area of our reality until His presence is manifest on the earth.

From me to you,

-Emily Jacobsen


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