May 9, 2021

JH Ranch

Hello, it has been a quite a while since I have updated my blog. In an effort to stay present for the end of school, I decided to wait to write about everything that has been happening these past few weeks. I have officially graduated so I will be blogging more frequently.

I really want to share about my JH Ranch ministry trip that I went on a few weeks ago. JH Ranch is a beautiful place in Etna, California. The Ranch runs programs through the summer that focus on instilling identity into teens and young adults, restoring family relationships, and teaching leadership skills. One of my favorite things I learned about the ranch is their parent child retreats. They have parents and children with broken relationships come in and see them restored into love and safety. I have only covered a small part of what they do. Here is a link to their website if you are curious to learn more about their ministry:

Now on to my part in all of this. Since the Ranch is such a big operation, they have what they call a service week. Volunteers come in from all over the country to help get the ranch up and running for the summer. Because of COVID, the Ranch was shut down all of last year. Which meant twice the work this year to get everything whipped into shape. Our main focus on the trip was to serve the Ranch in every way possible. We did a lot of work on the Ranch, and then had ministry time in the evenings for all the volunteers and staff.

The ministry time was amazing, I was able to pray and prophesy over a few people who were greatly touched. God was healing hearts and instilling identity back into those He loves. A woman also had her knee pain decrease considerably when our team prayed for her. Yay Jesus! Through this ministry time God was really speaking to me about the simplicity of obedience. The words I gave that had the most impact were simple and short. It was about the people being touched by the presence of God, and not about the words I used.

On the service side of the trip, I got put on the big top team! Every year, the Ranch has to put up this gigantic big top tent for all the evening services they have during the summer. It takes a big team and a lot of effort to put the tent up. I was told by the staff that this project usually takes two to three weeks, but we were able to do it in three days! It goes to show that great effort and effective teamwork can go a long way.

It was such a fun experience learning about all the moving pieces that go into putting up a tent that large. There was a lot of heavy lifting and manual labor involved. I was grateful for the exercise. Haha. Down below there will be pictures to detail the process.

So the trip was a great success! In summary, the staff and volunteers were transformed and touched by God, and the Ranch was transformed and touched through all our service. I am actually going back up to the Ranch this week to work in housekeeping for a week. They are about to have all their summer volunteers and staff coming up, and they need the extra hands to get all the houses and cabins ready.

It is absolutely gorgeous out there. I am so thankful I have this opportunity to work, and have lots of processing time in the evenings. It will be so good to get alone with God and reflect on this amazing year. I will post soon about school wrapping up and what I’ll be up to in the coming months.

From me to you,

-Emily Jacobsen

A beautiful view of the Ranch
Getting the tent rolled out. It was heavy!
Starting to put up the side poles. It was a balancing and tension act to keep them up.
Getting put in charge of the ratchet by our team leader, while the big poles start going up. 😀
Me proudly fulfilling my role.
Almost there! All the big poles are up.
Straightening and aligning all the poles so everything is level.
One of the humongous tarps we had to fold up. I was happy when we finished it.
One of the staff members repelling to sew together the tent seams. Sadly, they wouldn’t let me go up there. 🙁
The tent all finished! Isn’t it beautiful?
Taking a quick rest after moving all the hay.
Some of the team on a mountain that overlooks JH Ranch. If you look closely, you can see the tent we put up. 😀

1 thought on “JH Ranch

  1. Such an awesome mission trip!! You are so full of joy, it rubs off just reading your blog!!! I can’t wait to hear about your last week of school. Are you done now? Or do you go back for another year? Be praying for you!! So excited you got the chance to go!!! Let me know what’s next for you.

    Me. I’ve found my love and passion for music again in the last month. I’ve started working on my keyboard to learn fingering and chords again. I tried put for the Worship Team but didn’t make it. The spotlights went on and all the words went out of my head. Never had that happen before in my life. I hung in there though and didn’t just leave the stage. Part 2 was harmonizing. The worship leader said I had a knack for harmony. I surprised him by going under and over the melody line in harmony. But I need a knee replacement so can’t stand for 3 long worship songs. .
    But just playing keyboard just gives me such great joy

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