August 26, 2021

John G Lake: His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith

Hi there! I recently did a book report on the amazing book called John G Lake: His Life, His, Sermons, His Boldness of Faith. I thought I would share it with you all. I highly recommend this book for every Christian. Although thick, the content of the book held me in rapt attention. It is definitely worth the read.

Author: John G Lake and Kenneth Copeland Publications 

John G Lake was a man beyond his time. In this collection of his teachings and sermons, he covers a wide variety of subjects from healing to every day Christian life. This book is the passionate cry of one man urging the Christian church to go farther and deeper, and not settle for the placid living of a nominal Christian. This book is a pathway to a greater transformation of the Christian church, with the goal of seeing God’s kingdom power unleashed in a fallen world.

The book starts off with a biography on John G Lake’s life. He was a man who grew up in a big family that saw a lot of sorrow. The biographic part of the book focuses highly on John G Lake’s character, and how it was shaped in the early years of sickness and hardship. He was a broken man who went after God. Perseverance is a word that marked the life of John G Lake. He was a man to continue on, and push for victory in the bleakest of situations where all others had become despondent. 

The book continues on with many of John G Lake’s sermons that are still revolutionary to this day. His sermons cover many subjects that are considered mystical and taboo. He covers in great detail, everything from the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to the correlation of healing and faith. He has taken many subjects and made them plain in a way that reflects the revelation He has gained from the Holy Spirit.

John G Lake wrote these sermons to call the sleeping church awake. He had the heart of the Lord in wanting to see a victorious church rise in dominion of the sickly state of the world. His heart was to equip the church and pull them out of their sad state of ignorance. Many people of the day were preaching a dead gospel with no miracles, signs, and wonders. John G Lake pulled focus back to the sovereignty of God and the simplicity of the gospel. His aim was to see people in communion with God, being sanctified, and living out a victorious life of miracles and healing. John G Lake held the words of Jesus in utmost value. He always pointed back to the resurrected Christ as a foundational theme in his teachings. “We have failed through lack of faith to comprehend that the Christ is the Master. But he who dares by the grace of God to look into the face of the Lord Jesus Christ knows within his own soul the divine mastery that the Christ of God is exercising now” (pg 207) John G Lake wrote his sermons with the revelation of the victorious Christ at the forefront of his mind. His mission was to convey the power, faith, and communion that comes from this revelation. 

I have often wrestled with the mysteries of healing. What are the ingredients that bring healing? Why do some go years while others are healed instantaneously? These are questions that I have long looked to answer. While reading John G Lake, I was once again confronted with these questions and dilemmas. I loved how much John G Lake discussed the subject of healing. In a thoroughness I have rarely seen, he tackled one of the hardest subjects of Christianity.

I began reading the parts of John G Lake’s sermons about healing, and they made me angry. He shared about so many great miracles, and testimony after testimony of people being healed. His conviction that every person deserves healing pierced painfully deep into my doubts. But as I continued on, I saw his mastery in the subject. John G Lake covered the instances where some healings took days an even months. I truly believe John G Lake has unlocked some keys to healing for all. I was like a desperate hungry child as I read his explanations for those who don’t get healed. 

Faith is a subject he covered often. John G Lake attributed lack of healing to a lack of faith. I was immediately affronted to the notion that healing was related to one’s own personal faith. I know faith is important for healing, but there are many instances in the Bible where those without faith are healed. 

John G Lake then discussed the subject of the body not being able to heal when the spirit inside you is sick and weak. He shared that in order to build up your faith, three key things were needed. “Feeding on the word, a continual public confession, and communion with Him” (Pg 389) That truth hit me like a ton of bricks. If I build my spirit up, then my body will follow. It gave me hope and clarity when no other person was able to explain it that way. I was definitely convicted by this more than any other part of his sermons. In the most loving way, John G Lake put a mirror in front of me. You will find me diving deeper into communion with God, taking greater steps to share my testimony, and devouring the word like the life source that it is. 

From me to you,

-Emily Jacobsen


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