November 21, 2020


Mud. I felt is squish through my socks as I dragged my foot through the gravel. Wednesday night was raw in the best way possible. I was under a tent in the dark, worshipping Jesus in the mud. I love mud. It gets everywhere, even all over my dress as the hem dragged behind me. I danced in the mud and gravel with all my might, as praise was roared around me. I have never been happier to throw a pair of torn socks away.

A stage. Saturday morning, I walked into Bethel’s sanctuary to dance for the first time. A five year dream was fulfilled that day. As the dance pastor gathered us for prayer, I felt like I was floating. There were hundreds of flags and silks to choose from. As the dancers entered the stage I felt home. I danced with bare feet and silk with all my might, as dancers whirled around me. I have never been happier to feel the rough calluses on my feet. 

There is so much contrast to these two moments, but I felt fulfilled in each. To be able to move in the presence of God is a beautiful thing. My heart can’t stay still, so why should my body? 

I have danced in the mud

I have danced on stages

I have danced on carpet

I have danced on marley

I have danced in foreign countries

I have danced in my backyard

I have danced on pointe

I have danced bare foot

I have danced broken hearted

I have danced in elation 

I have danced in the early morning 

I have danced well into the night 

For the rest of my life I will dance, even if my body can’t. To lay my body down for the king is a worthy cause. 

From me to you,

-Emily Jacobsen


2 thoughts on “Mud

  1. Awesome Emily!! Keep falling in love with Him!!
    Hope to see live streaming with you dancing sometime.

    Blessings on you !!

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