April 24, 2020

My Wheat Valley

Welcome! I want to give some insight into my blog name. My Wheat Valley is a place the Lord has made for me.

In October of 2019, while I was spending time with the Lord, He dropped me into the middle of this circle, surrounded by high stalks of wheat swaying in the wind. The wheat was so high, I couldn’t see anything else other than the top of mountain peaks in the distance. The sky was lavender. I felt such peace in this vision I was having.

“This is your safe place” the Lord told me. “This is where I want you come when your overwhelmed, when you want to dance, and when you want to spend time with me.”

(I have always been a visual person. To be honest, throughout my life I have always dealt with a certain amount of unhealthy daydreaming and escapism. At times, it has been to the point where I would spend hours a day making up scenarios and places in my head to cope with everyday life. This habit grew to be very unhealthy, and I was convicted of it. As time has gone on, the Lord has been redeeming my imagination through spaces and places He gives me to be with Him. The Lord is now my escape and comfort in times of drudgery and turmoil.)

I am standing in this wheat circle, and the Lord tells me that the wheat is the fruit of my life and I get to watch it grow now. So over the next few months during my quiet times with the Lord, this wheat circle would be in my mind. I could see the wheat growing taller. Honestly, it felt very isolating. But the prophets in the Old Testament, and Paul from the New Testament among with many others experienced seasons of isolation. God uses isolation as a time of coming away with Him. I felt this experience was very similar to that. It was so sweet to just have a space with the Lord and I, that nobody else could ever touch.

In January of 2020 I attended Awaken the Dawn’s Movement conference. The Lord told me it was time to harvest the wheat in my wheat circle. Even though this was not in the physical, it felt so real to have God come through and harvest all the wheat I had seen growing for the past few months. The wheat represented every yes I gave the Lord, every tear, every prayer, every relationship that I poured into, every person I shared the love of Christ with, and so much more.

“I am harvesting this for my kingdom” the Lord said.

Once the wheat was cut down, I was in awe. You see, I wasn’t standing in a little wheat circle, but a valley of wheat. I could see mountains in the distance. Other than that, it was just me and the Lord standing in the vast expanse of harvested wheat.

“Your actions have greater affect than you will ever understand.” Is what the Lord told me.

Since then, my wheat valley has started to grow again. I love walking through the fields and fields of wheat with the Lord. It is a place of comfort and peace. I know that I will have this space with Jesus for a long time. That is why I decided to name my blog after my space with the God. This blog is supposed to be a place of peace and comfort. Where I lay my heart bare and pour out all that the Lord tells me to.

I think in today’s American church we are to reserved in what we think a relationship with the Lord looks like. We are meant to go past the bounds of all that we can comprehend or think. God is infinite in ideas, so why wouldn’t He bless us in new and creative ways? Ask God to surprise and astound you. I promise you, He won’t disappoint,

From me to you,

-Emily Jacobsen


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