March 5, 2021

School, Dance, and Repeat

Hello! I wanted to pop on and give a quick update. 

For the past three weeks, BSSM has been meeting in the Civic center again. Woohoo! I have enjoyed being inside in a climate controlled wonderland. I hope to never take for granted the blessing of meeting in a building, or going to school in person. Every day feels like the first day of school now that we are together again. I cant even describe the pure joy of seeing all of our speakers and dong worship in person. 

With this new development, my dance time as greatly increased. Since there is set worship time and a stage again, I have had the privilege of dancing in BSSM worship numerous times already. I cried the first time dancing during worship. I got to have all my dreams from the beginning of the school year fulfilled. I sat back stage, with tears running down my face, just thanking God for His goodness and faithfulness. 

This weekend I get to dance in healing rooms and two different services. It has been quite the welcomed change to go from dancing once a month to multiple times in a week. On top of this our dance classes are now in person also so I am getting more training and developing in my dance with like minded believers. That is all for now. Look out for some exciting updates for my life in the next few weeks. 

From me to you,

-Emily Jacobsen 


1 thought on “School, Dance, and Repeat

  1. Oh Emily!! So awesome!! Ephesians 3:20,21 has taken on a new meaning in your life!!! So cool!!!
    Keep dancing and praising!!! So many great things happening!!!

    Blessings on you!!!

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