July 10, 2020

Sometimes Joy Sucks

“Joy is a sacrifice…there is joy in the sacrifice. There is joy in the suffering. Because it is in the suffering that we find out what is real. When we test the limits and can bend no more under the pressure of the pain. God meets us there. There is an ugly encounter with the truth of reality. We can choose to accept it and embrace it. Or we snap. If the latter is chosen then all is folly. But the former brings us dependence on God. That dependence leads to an unearthly joy that is chosen and not felt in the midst of the pain. To choose joy is a sacrifice and a privilege.”

I wrote this a year and a half ago. Joy is something that I continuously wrestle with. Will I be able to carry on with the choice of joy or will I succumb to the meaningless pain of living? Sometimes, I think the relief of snapping would be better than the continuous pressure of life. But that pressure is what makes us and molds us. Choosing to have joy in that moment is a humble sacrifice to the Lord. I hope I learn to be more dependent on God out of that choice. Stay joyful my friends.

From me to you,

-Emily Jacobsen


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