October 11, 2020

Split the Sea

Hello! We are going to jump right in today. 

My roommate has COVID. My school has been online for a week, and definitely will be online for at least another week. I have a sore throat. Those are the facts. 

I feel like the last week has just been navigating these new obstacles. To be honest, I am disappointed. I have had to work through a lot of feelings with the Lord. 

That is the physical reality of what I am dealing with right now. But I really want to transition, and focus on what the Lord has been speaking to me through it all. 

On Thursday night, all three years of BSSM, and Bethel Tech School came together for an all night prayer meeting through zoom. Some people were on there an hour to a few hours, and some stayed up all night. 

In fine fashion that matches with my character and nature, I stayed up all night. The presence of God was so good. We pushed in, we sacrificed, and we prayed for twelve hours straight for a shift. The amazing part isn’t what we poured out, but what we received back. 

I was able to sit in the presence of the Lord as my brothers and sisters pressed in with everything they had. Even through zoom I encountered the Lord. I felt so known and understood by the Lord. That intimacy is what is fueling me. It’s my air right now. I couldn’t ask for anything better. 

I am honored to be in such a community right now. BSSM is taking ever step possible to press into the Lord for breakthrough, while honoring our community around us. I am glad I get to be counted as one of them in this season. 

The word I am really hearing for this season is “Without insurmountable odds, there is no room for miracles.” God really has me dwelling on the parting of the Red Sea right now. Here is an excerpt from a book we are reading in school that really puts it into perspective:

“There were, perhaps, between two and a half million to three million people who left Egypt during this “exodus.” This was not a little tribe of nomads roaming about the desert. This was a nation on the move. Look at the state of Texas on the map and imagine the city of Dallas beginning to move across the map, and you get an idea of the magnitude of the exodus. When you add all the animals they took with them for food and milk, as well as for sacrifices, this qualified as a horde! Instead of looking for a flat spot under a palm tree to camp, they had to look for a valley ten miles square. When they lined up the cross the Red Sea, it was more than a little aisle that was required. If they crossed the Red Sea one hundred abreast, counting the animals, the column would have stretched perhaps as far as fifty miles back into the desert.”

-30 Days To Understanding The Bible by Max Anders (Pg54)

This blew my mind. I always see the Red Sea as a few thousand crossing in a little pathway but the magnitude was so much greater than that. A week before reading this, I received a prophetic word that is a parting of the Red Sea season for me. Ask and you will receive. Though it is hard to see that word in fruition at the moment, I know it to be true. 

Against the insurmountable odds Moses and all of the people of Israel crossed the Red Sea. Against insurmountable odds I will triumph in this season. Whether that means being in an auditorium with hundreds, or in the quiet place of a bedroom. I painted a picture on Thursday night because this word won’t stop burning in my heart. I feel literal heat every time I think of parting the Red Sea. 


Don’t be afraid to part your Red Sea.

From me to you,

-Emily Jacobsen


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