August 7, 2020

The Last Goodbye

I feel the pain, will my heart stop beating? Sometimes it feels that way.  Goodbyes, why do they have to be a fundamental part of life? Every trip that I have come back from, every transition I have experienced, has left me with a goodbye on my tongue. I wish for nothing more than to spit it out.  Every missions trip has ended in tears for me. I grow attached and I long for those people and places. It has been over three years since I have left Cambodia… My heart feels physical pain every time I remember the friends and family I left behind, so far away from me….

July 31, 2020

Expectation VS Anticipation

I am really trying to learn how to anticipate the move of God, while not expecting it to look a certain way. Let’s be honest, life is a whole mess of unpredictable outcomes. I really want to grasp that God will move, but it won’t always look the way I understand or want it too. So many times in my life I have had expectations that have fallen flat to the ground. It always leaves me devastated. So I have been dialoging with God on ways to have faith, without filling in the blanks with my own plan. And that is when He introduced me to the concept of expectation…

June 17, 2020

Rise Up Gen Z

Jesus is my home, but He is also my wilderness. What if I told you that Jesus craves adventure even more than we do? Well, its true. God is the Lord of all, even the unknown. The unknown parts of the world, and the unknown parts of me. As I discover Him, I discover myself. It’s this constant tension that lives in the very deep parts of my being. Wanting to know the world around me to understand myself. And God fulfills that within me.  I’m not just talking about a religion here but a real person. Jesus has a fathomless depth that could be searched for eons and never…

May 22, 2020

To Forget Is To Perish

Why do I forget so easily? My Brain seems as uneasy as shifting sands in a windstorm. PEACE! Part the clouds. There are the stars and the stillness again. Then I forget in complacency what I first remembered. Why do I forget? PEACE! Hold on to the thread, a constant comfort. A guide wire to the path. PEACE! Don’t forget, if you are in constant living of the peace, it can’t escape. The unending presence wont allow forgetfulness. Why do I forget? Because I do not abide. In complacency I stray across the sands of my own mind. Go back, don’t lose the thread. Peace and abide. ————————————————————— I wrote…

April 24, 2020

My Wheat Valley

Welcome! I want to give some insight into my blog name. My Wheat Valley is a place the Lord has made for me. In October of 2019, while I was spending time with the Lord, He dropped me into the middle of this circle, surrounded by high stalks of wheat swaying in the wind. The wheat was so high, I couldn’t see anything else other than the top of mountain peaks in the distance. The sky was lavender. I felt such peace in this vision I was having. “This is your safe place” the Lord told me. “This is where I want you come when your overwhelmed, when you want…

April 11, 2020

The Journey West

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. I thought it only fitting for my first blog post to share about how this whole process of moving to California came to be. In April of 2018, I was in a youth service at my church. This service wasn’t particularly different than any other service that I had attended in the last nineteen years of my life. But God decided to use this night to cast vision for the next six years of my life that would forever change me. First, let me give you the run down on Bethel. Bethel is a church based in Redding, California. This said church is full…