January 22, 2021

Take Care Of Me

Hello! Time for another update.

I have been back in California for about two weeks now. It has been a good time of settling back in and getting back into the swing of school. As I have previously mentioned, we have tents now! The tents are big event tents set up in the Bethel parking lot. Two days a week we meet in person under these wonderful tents. It has been so much fun to be able to do school together in person.

We have the advantage of being covered while also having space to move around. My dancer heart has been very happy to be able to have space during worship. I have been bringing my flags and dancing a lot. Not only that, but there are also lots of other people in the dance community that dance and flag too. Just yesterday, I had a very surreal moment of looking around me. My vision was full of colorful flags, and moving people, as my brothers and sisters worshipped around me. I feel very content and full during these times. 

A lot of people in school have also harkened this time back to tent revivals. There is something about being outside and simplifying that really puts the focus back on Jesus. It isn’t about the building or the schedule. It’s just Jesus. It really has felt like a really long conference, it never ends. I’m honestly a big fan of being outside. The weather has also been agreeing with us. Mostly sun and bearable temperatures.  

This has also been a time of going deeper for me. Even in the past two weeks, I have had a lot of breakthrough with really trusting the Lord and letting Him dictate my schedule. I usually am a person who likes to have things figured out. In uncertain times like this, it has really stretched me to be flexible and rely on the simplicity of Jesus’ goodness. 

I have discovered that living a life fully sold out to Jesus is very opposite to today’s culture. I have had to lay down taking care of myself and being independent. In exchange, I am learning to fully rely on God. In school on Wednesday, I was dialoging with the Lord and pouring out my heart. I had the revelation that I have to actually let God take care of me. My challenge from the Lord is to get up every morning and make the conscious decision to let Him lead that day. 

“Good morning, I will let you take care of me today”

This is my new morning routine. I’m going to let Him handle the day‘s troubles. I will spend my time pressing into His love, and being obedient. 

How has God been stretching you lately? I would love to hear in the comments. 

From me to you,

-Emily Jacobsen 


3 thoughts on “Take Care Of Me

  1. I am learning that too. I need to be out of my present rental by 2/7. In the middle of filling an application out , I was impressed on by the Holy Spirit to trust Him with it. I responded. But I need to do everything in my power to find a place. Holy Spirit then replied, you can waste your time filling those applications out but it’s a waste of time. I have something else for you. Trust me
    The world and some friends say look for some thing, but God has told me not too. I feel pulled enough to know I am still influenced by my friends and worlds response to what I do. Aka opinion of man. I’m still a work in progress but knowing what it states : in Philippians 1::6 with the message that God doesn’t give up on me so neither should I.!

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