September 3, 2020

The Great Pilgrimage

Hello! The great pilgrimage to the west was a success. I am now in the process of settling in my new home. I wanted to share a few highlights from my sixteen day road trip.  

The St. Louis Arch seemed unreal. It was magnificent, awe-inspiring, and grand. Mom and I had the joy of walking through it.

We had the best view at our Colorado Airbnb.  We were very blessed to have a few days rest after four days of travel. 

Rocky Mountain national park was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. This is a picture of the tundra at the top of the mountains. I felt like I had stepped into another world as the wind whipped past me. It was very cold and tranquil in the midst of these giants. 
Next we were transported to smokey deserts in Utah. Mom and I hunted for scorpions and snakes, but to no avail. 
The salt flats in Utah looked like an alien planet. They stretched as far as the eye could see. I found much joy walking around barefoot and soaking in the overwhelming smallness I felt in this large place. 

After experiencing the desert for a few days we were able to be refreshed at Lake Tahoe. It was amazing to have the lake on one side and towering pine tree covered mountains on the other. 

 The water was so clear that you can see 70 feet deep. We had such a good time jumping off rocks and swimming in the cold water. 

After unloading all my stuff in California, we hopped up to Oregon for a of couple days. It was a sweet time of mom and I coming to terms with saying goodbye to each other. 

I am now adjusting to my new home. It has been fun to settle in and start to really be on my own. I look forward to the days to come. I put out more updates soon. 

From me to you,

-Emily Jacobsen 


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