July 17, 2020

The Walk Of Sleep

Sleep walking, am I awake or dreaming?

Something that is less commonly known about me is that I sleepwalk. Oooh, scary right? I’m that creepy girl in the movies that walks with a dead gaze as if she were in another world.

But in all seriousness, I started sleep walking as a child. My mother can account for that fact. I scared her half to death lurking next to her bed one night while I was still asleep. She told me to go back to bed. Like the obedient child I was, I listened even in my sleep and meandered back to bed.

Fast forward to around two years ago, I started sleep walking again.

I have always been a vivid dreamer. I have the kind of dreams that when upon waking, you can’t tell what is real and what is fiction. I have the kind of dreams that leaves my bed in a tumultuous mess of cotton sheets and heavy blankets. I have the kind of dreams that make me shoot straight up out of bed as if the dream were bleeding into my reality. My dreams even come true sometimes. So I guess it is only natural that the sleep walking would return.

Anyways, it happens in one of two ways. Either I sleep walk and don’t remember a single thing that I did, or I remember it as if it were a dream. My experience isn’t like in the movies when people say or do creepy things while looking half possessed. Actually it’s quite ordinary.

Last Friday night was my most recent bout of sleepwalking. The night before I fell asleep I had closed my blackout curtains in order to sleep in really late the next morning. But I awoke at the very early time of 9:20am (hehehe) to find my curtains wide open and the sun glaring. I sat up and tried to recall the night before. Now before you try to discredit me, let it be made known that I am a very light sleeper, and I always keep my bedroom door closed at night. There is no way anybody came into my room. I had slept walk again.

Here are some other things I have done while sleep walking:

Taken soap out from the bathroom and put it on my dresser

Changed clothes multiple times on several occasions

Turned my alarms off

Moved decorations and other possessions to weird places in my room

Wandered around the house

Creepily stared at my mom while she slept (hehehe)

And maybe the creepiest one for me: after going to bed soundly in my room, I woke up on the couch in the middle of the night after sleeping walking there

I mentioned earlier, there are two ways I experience sleep walking. The latter being as if it were a dream. I have decided that this way is the most disturbing way for me. I will remember exactly what I did as if in a dream. I have no voluntary thought or action, it just happens to me. There have been several mornings I have awoken, only to exclaim to myself “That really happened last night”

I have done lots of research to see if the world has explanations for sleepwalking. Spoiler alert: They don’t really. I chalk it up to overstimulation and a creative/prophetic mind. I just have to make sure the house doors stay locked so I don’t wander outside. No biggie.

To wrap this up, what prompted me to write about this is my own want of documentation. But I also wanted to write this for those who might experience the same thing. If any of you have experienced sleepwalking before or know people that do, let me know and share your stories.

From me to you,

-Emily Jacobsen


1 thought on “The Walk Of Sleep

  1. Although I have not found myself to be particularly ambulatory during the episodes I’ve had, I have done some weird things while asleep:
    • I’ve woken up to find my pillow in a weird place on multiple occasions. Examples include neatly lying down next to my bed or tucked inside the lidded hamper next to it.
    • I’ve gotten up and said some incoherent babble to my older brother in the same room, much to his consternation.
    • Worst of all, I’ve torn pages out of a library book I had been enjoying (Mockingjay to be precise). If I recall correctly it was during a dream I was having about Slenderman.

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