November 7, 2020

These Past Few Weeks

Hello, I’m coming at you with a fresh update. My schedule has been quite erratic, I am hoping to keep up with blogging a little more often now that some things have been solidified. 

I have officially been accepted into the healing rooms dance team! I am very excited as I will be dancing with some amazing people under the pastoral care of Saara Taina. She has been a role model for me the last five to six years, and I am elated to be able to minister with her. 

Healing rooms dance team ministers on Saturday Mornings for two hours. My first rotation will be Saturday, November 14th at 9:00am PST (That’s 12:00pm for my EST friends) if you find Bethel Healing Rooms on Facebook you will be able to watch us live. 

It has been wonderful being a part of the dance community here. Aside from healing rooms dance team, I have joined two dance community groups. I love connecting with other people who have a passion for worship and dance. 

On another note school has been mostly online the last few weeks. God has been so faithful to meet us where we are at. Though I have been dealing with some disappointment, it has been amazing to see God encounter us through it all. He isn’t stopping, regardless of if we are in person or on a computer. I have been able to meet with my small group and a few other people in person. I have enjoyed fostering deeper and more intentional relationships in this season. 

It is finally fall weather here in California so I am soaking up every breath of crisp air and basking in the fall sun as much as possible. Redding is full of outdoor adventures and trails. 

That’s a little update on my life. Thanks for sticking around. 

The sunset last night as a storm rolled in. This place is called Lema Ranch, it has beautiful walking paths.
I went on a hike this morning and this was the view at the top.

A mural in downtown Redding.

From me to you,

-Emily Jacobsen


1 thought on “These Past Few Weeks

  1. Emily
    So excited about you making the dance team!!! I just Am getting pics or links to the Bethel upper room. Will see if I can watch.
    Have been dealing with the hard stuff in my life but now reached the point of being ready to get involved
    at Lifepoint.
    Having lunch with one of the staff to ask some service and personal questions on what activities are available to get to know people better and grow.

    Am so looking forward to following you at Bethel and pray for your calling. Can’t wait to see what God does with you!!



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