September 12, 2021

We’re Back Baby!

Hello there! I have been home in California for a week and a half now. It has been nice to settle in and be back. It really has felt like a homecoming.

I registered and had my first two days of school last week. Walking into registration was a big party, as I was reunited with so many dear friends. It has been amazing to reconnect with everybody and jump straight back into community. I have definitely had my share of homesickness, but having loved ones out here makes it all the easier. 

I did find housing! About a week and a half before I left for California, I found this gorgeous house in an amazing area. The neighborhood I am living in is one that I drove through many times last year. I told the Lord last year that I would live in this neighborhood if I could pick anywhere in the area. I am excited that the Lord answers the desire of my heart. 

The landlords recently move from Oregon and only bought the house a few weeks ago. It goes to show that waiting on the Lord is the best answer every time. My housemates are wonderful. I live with mostly First year students and one other Second year student. The nations of USA, Canada, Brazil, and Germany are represented in my house. It will be fun to have a mix of different cultures and nationalities again this year. 

As far as school, it has been fun experiencing the differences from First year to Second year. Being in the Bethel sanctuary instead of the civic center is a fun privilege. The first two days of school we were mainly taught by Bill Johnson. We got to be the live audience for his video teaching series coming out with his new book “Open Heavens”. It was quite exciting to be part of that endeavor.

We already have our class list so I have been looking over those to decide which to sign up for. Our class schedule is split up into three trimesters, so I will be able to take three different sets of classes. For the the first trimester I am looking to do a Bible class, leadership class, and of course the dance class that my dance pastor offers. It will be cool to have a year of more specific classes, and not just main session teaching. 

We also get to go on retreat this year! We weren’t able to go last year due to COVID. This year we will be going to JH Ranch. You might have read my previous post about JH Ranch, when I went up there for work week. This year I have volunteered to go up early and help with the other retreats happening for the week. Then I will have my retreat time at the end of the week. It will be a wonderful time of serving my fellow classmates, and reuniting with some of the JH staff. 

I’m going to start the job hunt soon so I would appreciate prayers the God will provide and put me where I need to be. I am thrilled to be back and all is going well. I will post another update in a few weeks to let you all know how life is going. 

From me to you,

-Emily Jacobsen 


1 thought on “We’re Back Baby!

  1. Emily
    Be praying for your prayer requests!! Sounds like you are off to a great start. Be supporting you in prayer!!!
    So inspiring to see you so excited!!!

    Be Blessed!!


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